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Berrys of Holborn

Re-brand/ Website

Berrys of Holborn are a long established firm providing maintenance and repairs to office equipment.

With the introduction of new management Berrys contacted Superfried to help them refresh their dated look as part of a long-term growth strategy.

Although well established, the first issue was the company name. It was rather long and new potential customers would be oblivious to the nature of their business. The typography was therefore arranged to provide emphasis on the easier to digest and succinct 'berrys'.

Next the lack of name-service connection was addressed. To resolve this issue a logo that demonstrated the actual product they repair in fine working order was developed. The combination of the graphic devices and typographical hierarchy proved to be very versatile. With simple revisions it was now possible to quickly develop sub-brands as the services provided evolve, such as audio visual hire.

The new clean look was carried through all mediums including stationery, website and signage.

Since the re-brand the business has seen consistent growth. The response from both their clients and staff was extremely positive. The project has also been featured in two design publications. 

A great company, really helpful and professional. I had no idea how to create a brand for my company, but Superfried did it all and consulted me every step of the way. I would recommend them to any one.

Siobhan Bragg/ Director/ Berrys of Holborn