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AIGA Quoted

Typographic illustrations

AIGA [American Institute of Graphic Arts] invited Superfried to contribute to their daily Quoted series. Each designer submits five typographic illustrations of famous design related quotes to appear on the home page Monday to Friday of a given week.

Space is the breath of art.

Frank Lloyd Wright

The words 'space' and 'breath' particularly resonated in this quote. Consequently it felt important that the wording should feel 'light', like it could float away on the breeze at any moment. This also connected with his philosophy he called organic architecture. Since Lloyd Wright was a renowned architect it seemed apt that the lettering should take a 3D form.

If I have a style
I am not aware of it.

Michael Graves

Focusing on the quote, the idea of being 'unaware' was interesting. This was carried forward into a physical form. Splitting the quote and placing each half on a different plane suggested each section of the statement could be literally unaware of the other.

Good is the enemy of great.

Jonathan Ive

For this quote, experimentation led to impossible objects and metallic planes. Apple is renowned for their attention to detail, so this approach was also adopted for the letter forms, making use of textures and light. To differentiate the words required some use of colour. Block overlays were too simple and lacked impact. Recycling a previous experimental project using water achieved the desired effect.

Have no fear of perfection.
You'll never reach it.

Salvador Dali

An unused experimental type style provided the starting point for this quote. The twisting, optical illusion effect was apt, but as a big fan of Dali, it was important to take this further. As a tribute to his style, and to add a sinister undertone, the letterforms liquefy and become progressively ambiguous. To add an element of surrealism stone textures were implemented for the wording, a rather unlikely material to melt.

Good design should be honest.

Ferdinand Porsche

The quote was intriguing. Since he was a designer of products, it led to the question: What is the simplest form of design and construction? The logical progression for 3D design was children's building blocks.

With a style chosen the letterforms were constructed using only standard geometric shapes that would be potentially used for this toy. The quote uses the word 'honest', so the traditional material that would be used for this product, wood, was very apt.

This project was featured in IdN Magazine [IdN v23n3].

What @Superfried's 5 #designquotes may lack in legibility they make up for in originality.

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