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1980 Recordings

Re-brand/ Web presence

1980 recordings are an electronic music label featuring an eclectic range of styles and genres.

Superfried were required to completely re-brand 1980 Recordings to maximise recent high praise by top Djs such as Fatboy Slim and build on recent growth.

After reviewing the existing material it was clear a sharper, more vibrant look was required. This led to the use of clean, bold geometry for the development of the retro '80' linked rings. For the typography Superfried developed a retro line fade effect creating a subtle connection with the label name.

Based on such simple geometric shapes the branding proved very versatile with the potential to render the rings in various materials and colour routes without the loss of message. This was particularly important due to their requirement to promote various tours and new releases with a simple, clean bold device.

With increased brand confidence and versatility marketing was now improved dramatically through new mediums such as tees and posters. The project was also featured in two design publications.

I own and run Fish Don't Dance, 1980 Recordings and Dan McKie (DJ/producer) and with Superfried's help I have managed to totally rebrand my companies. This has helped me increase my exposure and has set my brands up for a very bright future. I would highly recommend Superfried and will certainly be using them again.

Dan McKie/ Director/ Fish Don't Dance